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Posted on July 15, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Ok so now we know how important feet are what can we do to keep them as healthy as possible?  Well a footwear appraisal is always a good place to start. Shoes should be comfortable, with plenty of room in the toe area, and support around the forefoot and ankle in the way of laces or straps, and if you absolutely have to wear high heeled shoes, as such occasions do come to us ladies, wear them for as little time as possible, and be on your feet whilst shod in those gorgeous but gruellingly painful killer heels, as short a time as you can possibly get away with!  if you have certain toes or areas which are vulnerable to shearing stresses and friction, or pressure, make sure you protect those areas. Check with your Chiropodist as to which appliances are suitable for your own individual requirements.There are a wide range of gel products on the market which not only protect against direct pressure, but also against friction. Heels are bad for feet. It has to be said. They tilt your foot into "equinus" which means like a horses hoof, all of the pressure is concentrated on the forefoot, which may lead to corns and callus formation.  A nice, flat, shock absorbing sole is great, and try to avoid materials which make your feet sweat, particularly in the summer.  Sandals are a popular choice of footwear as are flip flops in the summer months, you may find that you require chiropody appointments more often whilst wearing these, as callus seems to accumulate quicker around the heel areas.

Moisturising your feet helps to combat the discomfort associated with hard skin, Flexitol Heel Balm is my personal favourite, however there are many others on the market which would also work wonders for your feet, it is best to apply daily, but take care not to slip! some people prefer to apply cream at night and don a pair of cotton socks for a more intensive effect.this is also handy if you need the loo in the middle of the night! as well as saving your bed sheets. Avoid putting moisturiser between your toes, as this area is already moist and could encourage fungal infections or maceration of the clefts. Pay particular attention to the large toe joint, the ball of the foot and the heels. Do not apply too much pressure when massaging the cream in. Avoid rubbing where there are veins.

maintenance of feet can be achieved by removing callus between Chiropody Appointments with a pumice stone or pediwand. I always reccomend it be done when feet are dry, as it is all too easy to  get carried away and the feet often end up sore as a result of an overly zealous session. It is important to exercise care at all times, consider your feet as you would a shiny new ferrari or bentley car. They deserve to be held in the highest regard and treated with the utmost respect. After all, think of all the miles they have travelled, and the places they have taken you! Never use metal implements on your feet for diy chiropody. To do so can be dangerous.

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