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Painting Podiatrist Mother Carer Jack of all

Posted on June 24, 2015 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (2)

A warm welcome to my site.  The next few paragraphs are going to be about me, so please use the navigation buttons featured to find your way around if you want to skip this intro.  I have quite a challenging task at hand here. First off, I wish to retain a degree of professionalism, therefore won't ramble on too much about my personal life, however, I think it necessary just to give you an idea of my life, what my life entails, a brief history of myself etc etc. I find it enhances communication on a patient/practitioner level and also adds flavour and character to my artwork when you know a bit about the artist.

I have lived in Peterlee for most of my life. Having left school at fifteen years of age, I really had no idea of where I wanted to be or which route I needed to take careerwise. I was always a keen sketcher, and would fly through reams of paper and jotters just doodling. I would draw on shop receipts, cardboard boxes, birthday and christmas cards, walls and paths ( only with chalk) :/, anything I could find!  So Naturally I ended up in a clothing factory (???). I suppose I was thinking sort of logically about earning a wage and at fifteen, having money in your hand was a very strong incentive to ditch your pipedreams and immerse yourself into the stark reality of adulthood.  Well I think I lasted about six weeks in there. Hated it from day one, I realised that this work was about speed, dexterity, nimble fingeredness. I didnt fit the bill. I tried, to no avail, to keep up with the girls on the line but I was, in a nutshell, way too slow.:(  I think it was at this point, I realised I need to change course.

At the age of sixteen I started a training course for Graphic Design. I was informed that this was only the first rung of a very high ladder. We were offered placements regularly, which were often short lived, some of which had nothing to do with graphic design! I loved the course though, but inevitably it came to an end and again, I was at a crossroads. Do I take this further? Having been told of the competitiveness around careers of this calibre combined with the fact that I would have years more studying ahead I decided not to proceed.  I eventually found myself in the caring role working in Nursing Homes within the area. I loved this type of work, indeed, I cried when I had to leave the last home that I worked at to become a qualified Podiatrist. I decided that I would like to remain in a caring role, but wanted something a bit more flexible, as at that point I had since become a mother. I looked at different career options when I discovered Podiatry. Not knowing much about it, I discovered it ticked absolutely every box. I thought instantly, this is it, this is me.

I graduated from Durham School of Podiatric Medicine at the turn of the New Millenium, obtaining an Honours Degree in Podiatric Medicine. I went to work in Norwich, where I remained for several years before returning to my home town where I set up my own small clinic. I have now been running my Chiropody business for twelve years.  I adore my work, and it is an integral part of my being as much as is breathing. I work days, nights, weekends, any time to suit, as to me, it isnt work, it is the fabric of my life.

Over the years I have built up a very strong customer base and I know my patients very well. They also know all about me, and the trials and tribulations that have came to pass.  Working from home is an incredible experience. You have more time for your clients, more control over your environment, but I think you have to be a certain type of person to appreciate it. I have never been a socialite. I do not go out, other than for the kids, and I do not miss the social side of things because I've always been an introvert. My two daughters are now twenty four and thirteen, and have their own agendas, which means that I can finally find some time to engage in my passion of art.