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Apart from my children, there are two more aspects of my life which I am very passionate about! I work full time as a Podiatrist, and have my own business from my home, I have been self employed for the past twelve years and during this time I have built a very strong customer base. I love my work as a Podiatrist, no two days are ever the same, and I get a great deal of satisfaction alleviating the discomfort and pain which often accompany foot health problems.

My other passion is art! I can only ever dedicate a Sunday to my painting as the other six days are took up with my Podiatry. Nevertheless, I have managed to create some interesting pieces which I will exhibit on here. My own little part of the internet, where you can visit for foot health advice and maybe pick up a painting while you peruse my Chiropodial pages, or maybe visit to look at paintings to discover you have a corn!. I will endeavour to keep this site easy to navigate, however I am no whizz kid with today's technicalities so I apologise in advance.

I did have a website which was dedicated to all things Podiatry a few years ago, alas! I had zero viewings and then somebody from some place far away decided to hijack my site to sell knock off nike trainers, so I had to dismantle it. This time around, I have tried to make it more interesting, so hopefully, somebody may care to engage in reading it, or at least looking! I hope you enjoy your time here, do call back often, you never know what you may discover!!!


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